New Closure Information  - May 20, 2022 

 The full Notice to Fishers including coordinates: 20 2022 NARW Closures announced.pdf

The following grid(s) will be closing on May 24, 2022 at 5:00 p.m.: 

  • Full grid(s) GS38, GS39, GS40, GS41, GT38, GT39, GT40, GT41, GU38, GU39, GU40, GU41, GZ38, GZ39, HA37, HB37 
  • Portion of grid(s) HD38 

DFO is providing a 96-hour delay for the above grid closure(s) due to the weather forecast. All gear affected by this notice must be removed from the closed area before the time of closure. 

Following a repeat detection within days nine to fifteen of a 15 day dynamic closure period, the following grid(s) will be placed into a seasonal closure status starting today until November 15, 2022: 

 Full grid(s) GZ40, HA38, HA39, HA40, HB38, HB39, HB40, HC38, HC39, HC40, HD39, HD40