We have collected a number of links that will be helpful in understanding issues important to our members.
They are catagorized below. Please note that all links will open in a new window.

 Fisheries Council of Canada
Fisheries Council of Canada
 Weather & Climate
Marine Weather
Ice Report
Local Forcast
Canadian Tide
 Federal Government
Transport Canada Marine Safety
Variation Order
DFO Snow crab management - Southern Gulf
DFO Gulf Region
Transport Canada
Coast Guard

Canadian Marine Advisory Council (CMAC)
Canada Pension Plan benefits for the self-employed
 PEI Government - Fisheries & Aquaculture
PEI Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture
 PEI General
PEI Weekly Fish Price Report
Fisheries Resource Conservation Council (FRCC)
 Newfoundland Links
Newfoundland Department of Fisheries 
 New Brunswick Links
New Brunswick Department of Fisheries
 Nova Scotia Links
N.S. Department of Fisheries
North Atlantic Fisheries Organization - NAFO
Hook, Line and Thinker
Delta Hotels
PEI Atlantic Shrimp Corporation Inc.
AVC Lobster Science Centre
Maine Lobster Institute
The Lobster Conservancy
AVC Lobster Centre- Conference
Lobster Summit Final Report - Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation
The Lobster Council of Canada
 Labour Groups / Labour Issues
Newfoundland Fishermen Food and Allied Workers Union
Maritime Fishermen's Union