Prince Edward Island Fishermen's Assoc.

PEI Lobster fishers:

Through the MSC (Marine Stewardship Certification) process, information is being collected on lobster fishing specifics and have asked that we post this survey to assist in collecting that info. Can you take a moment and fill out the brief lobster fishing survey. Below is a link (click on it) to the survey on lobster fishing specifics in your area (bait, by-catch, bottom type, ect):

As you likely know we are proceeding with a Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification of the PEI lobster fishery. The project team has been gathering information about the fishery over the past several months. All information collected will be put in a Client Submission for the MSC assessment. This submission will summarize and present all available information about the lobster fishery.

During the information gathering it has been found that several key pieces of information are either not available or limited information that is available may not represent the true picture. In order to provide a more clear picture, your participation in a VERY BRIEF survey is requested. This survey does not require you to summarize any of your information, but just ask about your use of bait, encounters with bycatch species, how near you fish to shore, and what types of bottoms you fish on.

These questions will only take you a couple of minutes to complete. We would like all responses as soon as possible. Your help in providing this information is very important and very much appreciated.

If you have questions regarding the survey or anything regarding this certification please contact our consultant for the MSC certification: Peter Norsworthy 902-482-0984 or by email Thank you again for your cooperation.

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