Update from the DFO LFA 24 Weather conference call held at 3:30PM (April 27th): 

The forecast is currently looking favorable for a 6AM, Friday morning, April 30th opening of spring lobster in LFA 24.  Environment Canada noted current forecast shows potential for strong winds later in the day on Friday.  DFO concluded that as long as there is no change to the forecast, the fishery will open as scheduled.  There is another DFO call in the morning (10AM, April 28th) with LFA 26A & B reps and the forecast will be reviewed again.  If there is any change to the forecast, DFO will notify the LFA 24 reps for another brief call tomorrow afternoon.  If there are no changes to the forecast, DFO will notify the PEIFA by email to confirm the spring season in LFA 24 will open as planned.   


We will keep members posted with any updates we receive.