***Please note that we are still awaiting direction from the Minister's Office regarding specific details on where the gear modifications are to be installed in your vertical lines.***

The PEIFA was successful in obtaining several more “Whalesafe” gear modifications which are now available for trialling. The following are now available:

1.     LFA 26A Everson Cordage Works 3/8” Tight Lay Rope (Silver). After many discussions with fishers, a tighter lay of rope was requested. We currently have plain silver rope to trial in 26A but please note that a larger shipment of properly gear marked Everson rope is on its way for LFA 26A and we will notify members when it arrives.

2.     LFA 24 Everson Cordage Works 3/8” Tight Lay Rope. This tighter lay Everson rope was requested by members and is now available with LFA 24 colours built in.

3.     3/8” Soft Lay Rope from Ketcham Supply is still available.

4.     NovaRobotics Melt-Away Rope (NOT APPROVED BY NOAA) – Very limited quantity

5.     NovaRobotics Spring Release (NOT APPROVED BY NOAA) – Very limited quantity.

6.     Seaside Inc. In-line links are still available: Suitable for 3/8” - 7/16” rope.

7.     Brooks Trap Mill In-line links are new and suitable for 3/8” - 7/16” rope. These in-line links have a “top” and a “bottom”. The “top” has a thinner diameter and if it breaks, will break toward the water, not toward the vessel.

8.     Novabraid Sleeve are still available.

9.     The “Breakaway release links” from CoastLine Cordage Group are still available as well.

 Photos of the gear can be found here.

As more options become available, we will update our social media platforms and website. If you have previously picked up a type of gear modification you are still eligible to trial different gear types as they become available.

This gear is available to PEI fishers with a valid lobster license including commercial communal licenses. Prior to receiving your gear, PEIFA staff will conduct a brief survey related to your current gear configuration.

Please reach out to the PEIFA at (902) 566-4050 to get your free gear. Anyone in the office can assist, but if you have specific questions, please contact the PEIFA Office at (90)566-4050, Melanie (ext. 5) or Jennifer (ext. 3).

 Free Shipping options available upon request.