April, 2020


Over the past number of weeks the PEIFA has been working with other gulf area fishing organizations and industry consultants in the drafting of 2 programs that would assist harvesters in 2020. 


These programs are required due to the COVID 19 virus and the uncertainty it has caused in traditional seafood markets around the world.


Proposal 1 is for a Spring Lobster fishing season that proceeds: 1 - Stabilization Program - PEIFA - April 2020 - website.pdf


Proposal 2 would provide support if the Spring Lobster season does not proceed in some areas: 2 - Support Proposal 2020 If no spring lobster season - April - website.pdf


In addition to Federal Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan, these proposals have been sent to our 4 Island MPs and Provincial Ministers Jamie Fox, Matthew MacKay and Darlene Compton as some requests are under Provincial jurisdiction. 


The PEIFA, Maritime Fishermen’s Union, Gulf Nova Scotia Fleeting Planning Board and the Gaspe Fishermen’s Association have been in direct contact with senior DFO personnel and Minister Jordan on these requests.

In addition, the PEIFA is represented on the Canadian Independent Fish Harvester Federation working group that has also been struck to discuss support for fisheries across Canada.


We encourage all members to directly contact their MPs and MLAs on this important issue as programs are still being developed. Several of the small business programs that have been announced must be modified to have any positive impact for our fishers.


The PEIFA  is also working on boat protocols, the need for a preseason price and an open and honest dialogue on what restrictions may be in place for quantities of product being landed.

These are extremely challenging times for the PEIFA Board of Directors, staff and Advisory Committee members due to rapidly changing conditions that surround this virus and it’s impacts.





Ian MacPherson

Executive Director 

Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association