New Deadline is May 30th, 2014:  All potentially impacted fishers encouraged to submit comment. 

Atlantic Cod, American Plaice, Deepwater Redfish and Acadian Redfish are under consideration by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada to the potential of being listed as 'endangered' or 'threatened' under the Species at Risk Act (SARA).  

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The PEIFA will also be submitting comment on this file through discussion with the PEIFA Groundfish Advisory Committee and interested fishers.  


Consultation Documents

Atlantic Cod - Consultations on listing under the Species at Risk Act

The Species at Risk Act acknowledges that all Canadians have a role to play in preventing the disappearance of wildlife species.

Before deciding whether any of these Atlantic Cod populations will be added to the List of Wildlife Species at Risk, we would like your opinion, comments and suggestions regarding the possible ecological, cultural and economic impacts of listing or not listing these populations under the Species at Risk Act.

To submit your comments, use our interactive PDF questionnaire. If this document is not accessible to you, read the HTML version and submit your comments using the comment box below.

Consultation period: 2013-11-01 to 2014-01-31