Following a DFO conference call with the PEIFA and Tuna Advisory Committee, The DFO will be issuing an additional 12 tags on the Mexican Quota Draw list and the an additional 53 tags on the Canadian Quota Draw list.  The Canadian Tags will not be ready for pickup until next Tuesday, October 09th


The 12 Mexican tags will be from #211-#223 inclusive on the list (*#215 was sold to commercial communal) Stephen and Lois will start calling those on the list when they get the tags in the PEIFA office.  Mexican tags will be available Monday – Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm from the PEIFA office: (902) 566-4050 EXT 1.


The 53 Canadian tags will be from #61-#113 inclusive on the list.  

Canadian tuna tags will be available from DFO in Charlottetown: (902) 566-7844.