A reminder to all LFA 24 fishers that the Lobster Quality Improvement Program is continued through the end of 2014 for purchases made later than January 1st, 2012. Each fisher in LFA 24 is eligible for a rebate of one third of the costs of items purchased. The maximum submission is $3000 per fisher over three years therefore a maximum rebate each fisher is eligible for over three years is $1000.

Examples of qualifying items include: Insulated tanks, Loc-tek boxes, live well systems, etc. New items recently added include: Holding tanks for grey water (toilet holding tanks) and Canopies/Roof Extensions intended to keep lobsters protected from Sun/Wind/Rain. Contact Transport Canada for more info on holding tank requirements. Any other items should be approved by the Board of the LFA 24 Sustainability Partnership Inc. prior to purchase. Any item thought to improve quality of lobsters in LFA 24 will be considered.

In order to submit a claim for a rebate, original receipts must be submitted to:

Shelley Deagle
Comp 1, Box 5
RR#2 Souris, PE

Also note, original receipts will not be returned so please photocopy for your own records.

Further questions regarding the Program may be directed to your local LFA 24 Lobster Advisory representative.