Congratulations 2023 PEIFA Bursary Winners!


The PEI Fishermen’s Association is pleased to announce the winners of its 2023 PEIFA Member’s Bursary Program. Each student is awarded $1000 towards their post-secondary education. The winners are as follows:


Western Gulf Fishermen’s Association
1) Beccah Fraser-Westisle Composite High School (attending UPEI)

2) Claire Ashley-Westisle Composite High School (attending UPEI)

Eastern Kings Fishermen’s Association
1) Abby Macadam-Souris Regional High School (attending Mount Allison University)

2) Maria Reynolds-Montague Regional High School (attending St. Francis Xavier University)

North Shore Fishermen’s Association
1) Joshua Yeo-Three Oaks Senior High School (attending Holland College)
2) Ruby McInnis-Souris Regional High School (attending UPEI)

Prince County Fishermen’s Association
1) Madeline Bridges-Westisle Composite High School (attending Oulton College)
2) Noah Phillips-Westisle Composite High School (attending NSCC-Lunenburg Campus)

Southern Kings and Queens Fishermen’s Association
1) Skye MacNeill-Montague Regional High School (attending UPEI)
2) Drew MacNeill-Montague Regional High School (attending Acadia University)


Central Northumberland Strait Fishermen’s Association

1) Olivia Lea-Bluefield High School (attending Acadia University)

2) Jackson Lea-Bluefield High School (attending Saint Mary’s University)