2013 Re-allocation Draw

DFO has announced details of the 2013 re-allocation of Bluefin tuna quota remaining after September 30th, 2013 within the PEI tuna fleet sector. There is a requirement for Fish Harvesters in the commercial fleet sector to register with the PEI Fishermen Association (PEIFA) for the re-allocation draw.

Registration for the draw will be held at the following locations:

Red’s Corner, Tuesday, September 17th, 2013, 9:00AM – 4:00PM
R.C. Legion Branch #27, Bloomfield, Wednesday, September 18th, 2013, 11:00AM-7:00PM
Farm Centre, 420 University Avenue, Charlottetown, Thursday, September 19th, 2013, 9:00AM – 4:00PM. Draw to follow.

Fishers are asked to apply in person and be in possession of their PEI tuna license number and personal identification. Those unable to register in person may send a representative with written permission authorising him/her to register on the fisher’s behalf. A representative must be in possession of the fisher’s tuna license number.

The draw will be held Thursday, September 19th, 2013 following the completion of the registration. Fishers selected in the draw will be subject to confirmation by DFO that they meet the eligibility requirements to participate in the 2013 PEI tuna reallocation. Only those who have registered for the redraw on or before September 19th and who meet that active definition (active license will be defined as a license to which a tag has been assigned to it by condition of license, has registered at least 1 hail-out with a DMC during the regular season, July 15-Sept 30, and/or landed a fish within that timeline) will be re-allocated additional tags up to a predetermined number by DFO managers to ensure that the entire 2013 allocation is captured before season end.

For more information on the registration, contact the PEIFA at 566-4050.