The PEIFA is seeking two Captains for the 2023 LFA 26A Fisherman’s Bank Gear Retrievals.

Duties include assisting in the gear retrieval activities in priority areas within and throughout Fisherman’s Bank. Participants will use their own personal grapnelling equipment for the purpose of locating lost fishing gear. Captains will be provided with a section 52 permit, which will allow gear to be taken on board and moved to designated wharves and secure storage. Captains need to be within a one-hour sail time of the Fishermen’s Bank area, or travel/docking fees outside of that are at the Captains expense. Gear retrieval will take place on the 2 best weather days following the herring fishery mid-October to mid-November (exact dates to be discussed based on confirmation from DFO). Gear retrieval will take place on the 2 best weather days which is to be determined. Captains will need to sign a contract with the PEIFA and provide proof of marine insurance. Two crew members will also be required per vessel. Captains will be required to fill out basic log sheet information for each trip and for gear retrieved. Payment for Captains will be an all-inclusive rate of $300/hour for 12 hours, including fuel, crew wages, etc.

Registration Dates: 8:30 AM Tuesday, October 3rd – 4:30 PM Tuesday, October 10th, 2023.

Fee: No fee to register.

How to register: Online or by phone. Use the form below to register online. To register by phone, call the PEIFA @ 902-566-4050.

DRAW: A draw of qualified applicants will be made if more than 2 people apply.

Registrations after 430 pm, Tuesday, October 10th, 2023, will NOT be accepted.

For more details on the requirements of the project, please contact Kelsey MacDonald 902-330-3891 or Laura Ramsay at 902-393-2281.