Please see DFO's most recent (August 18, 2020) Notice to fishers, image below, showing up to date areas closed to fishing for the protection of North Atlantic Right Whales.



Transport Canada has also recently released their closure near the Shediac Valley. The closure can be seen here depicted as the purple zone. 



Vessels that are more than 13 m in length (LOA) must not navigate in the restricted area. This does not apply to any of the following vessels: 

(a) a vessel being used for commercial fishing;

(b) a vessel being used for fishing under the authority of a licence issued under the Aboriginal Communal Fishing Licences Regulations;

(c) a vessel being used by an employee of the Government of Canada or peace officer who is performing their duties;

(d) a vessel being used for research purposes on behalf of the Government of Canada;

(e) a vessel authorized by the Government of Canada to retrieve or identify the location of abandoned or lost fishing gear;

(f) a vessel in distress or providing assistance to a person or vessel in distress;

(g) a vessel involved in pollution response operations;

(h) a vessel avoiding immediate or unforeseen danger.

 Exempted vessels, other than those in paragraphs (c) and (f) above, must not proceed at a speed in excess of eight (8) knots over ground within the restricted area.