Following a conference call with DFO, it has been confirmed that another 140 tags will be distributed to the next on the draw list (#252-67). Fishers can also be issued more than one tag at a time if they are eligible and will be able to land up to two fish in one day if they choose. New license conditions (effective today) will be available online as early as Thursday afternoon (September 29th).  As per usual, those in a corporation must request conditions manually through your online NOLS system.  Also note, fishers need to have an active vessel in their name in order to obtain your conditions automatically.  Please note the DFO Charlottetown office will be closed on Friday, September 30thand requests to NOLS will not be processed on that day.  


In consideration of the recent impacts of Hurricane Fiona, all fishers should contact their respective buyers to ensure they have the infrastructure and ice to handle their fish coming in.   


Click the following DFO Notice to Fishers for full details:  http://peifa.org/members/docs/DFO Notice Tuna Sept 29 2022.pdf