Registration and Draw 
Effective immediately DFO has directed the PEIFA that the 2015 tuna quota will be a mix of two quotas: 
1.) The PEI portion of Canadian Quota, based on an increase from ICCAT, will be 123.96 tonne.
2.) The PEI portion of Mexican Quota Transfer is 31.36 tonne. It has been determined that the requirement of this quota will have a fee attached in order to help cover the costs related to the Canadian science research on Bluefin tuna. 

Registration Details:
1.) Canadian quota will be approximately 123.9 tonne fished similar to last year. One tag until September 30th, the remainder of the tags will go into a draw. The draw this year will be a permanent rotating list as requested by the public meetings using license number and not names; to be fished after September 30th. 
2.) Mexican quota will be 31.36 tonnes for PEI
- DFO will determine the number of tags issued.
- A list of license numbers will be created through a separate draw and a tag will be issued based on this list. There will be a fee for each tag that must be paid up front to cover the cost related to this quota. To be fished in conjunction with the Canadian Quota. 

Registration Dates:
Free registration for the 2 quotas will be:
Thursday, July 23rd, 9 AM to 4 PM
Friday, July 24th , 9 AM to 4 PM
Registration can be made by phone or in person. You need your license number. During registration fishers must clarify if they wish to register for the Canadian quota draw or both Canadian and Mexican quota draws. Draws will be held after 4 PM Friday, All welcome to attend. Further instructions on the Mexican quota will follow. Good Luck!!