Following the DFO conference call this morning (Friday October 2nd) with the PEIFA Tuna Advisory Committee, there was agreement based on the quota remaining to reissue upwards of 100 reallocation tags on the Canadian Reallocation Draw list and 5 tags on the Mexican Draw list. The reissue will begin at #328 on the Canadian Reallocation Draw list and 112 on the Mexican Draw list.   


All fishers will require new license conditions, and DFO has notified that they will be available for fishers at two separate times: 

  • Those with a Mexican tag and those fishers who have a previous reallocation tag (before today’s additional 100) should have license conditions available on their NOLS possibly starting as early as tonight or Saturday October 3rd
  • Those next to be reissued on the reallocation list (100) should have their license conditions available late Monday (October 5th) or Tuesday (October 6th


As previously mentioned in the DFO Notice to fishers;  Licence holders should note that having a Bluefin Tuna tag in your possession allows access to fish but does not guarantee your quota. 


We anticipate a DFO Notice to Fishers confirming the details above and will post as soon as we receive.   Any questions, Contact Ben Moore at (902) 370-7094.