Notice to PEI Commercial Groundfish license holders.


In 2019 a team of scientists joined scientific fishing trips off Prince Edward Island to tag halibut with satellite tags. These tags are scheduled to start popping off on August 30th, 2020. 


This team along with the PEI Fishermen’s Association are seeking participants to assist in the retrieval of these satellite tags. It’s difficult to predict exactly how long and where the boats will be needed since this is all dependent on the location of the tags popping off.

  • Based on location of tag pop offs the science team will plan to target an “aggregation” of tags (if possible)
  • The plan is then discussed with the PEIFA and a Captain who’s submitted their name in that area, to create the most cost effective and time effective way to recover the maximum number of tags.
  • Together determine how many hours the boat will be required. CAPTAINS WILL BE COMPENSATED FOR TAKING PART BASED ON AN HOURLY WAGE.



Vessel requirements: must meet regular marine safety requirements on board the vessel and standard insurance coverage for fishing vessels.  

Crew requirements: Minimal because there will be ZERO fishing activity while on the trip. Just steaming to GPS locations and tracking the tag down with the equipment the science team will bring along. The science team could consist of 2-3 individuals.


PAYMENT: The PEIFA will pay the fisher after the successful completion of the trip.


To submit your name  please contact the PEIFA office: 902-566-4050 or Laura Ramsay 902-393-2281 and 

Please contact the PEIFA ASAP to submit your name as tags are expected to start popping off any day.