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Department of Fisheries & Oceans will be seeking a PEI Captain with crew & vessel with a valid SFA 22 Scallop license to assist in collecting scallops on three sampling trips in June/July. 

Funding was recently approved for a collaborative project to focus on two key questions; 1) What is the impact of increasing bottom water temperatures on scallops physiology/stress and mortality.  2) What is the impact of air exposure on small discarded scallops (physiology/stress and mortality).  The second question directly relates to the questions posed by fishers last winter and the hope is to identify a best handling practice to minimize or eliminate mortality of small scallops that may surface with the tow. 


Here are some of the general requirements for the project:

1)    Total of 3 sampling trips.  One trip in late June, and two other sampling trips spread out in the first three weeks of July. 

2)      Approximately 50 live scallops needed during each sampling trip

3)      Payment is approx. $1260 per trip (total of 3 trips)

4)      Looking for all sizes of scallops, meaning liners in drags would need to be used.

5)      Scallops are to be from Cape Tormentine/Borden bed if possible in SFA 22 (mainly to minimize transit time from wharf to University).

6)      Scallops are to be manipulated gently and kept alive and cool as per DFO directives. This is to minimize stress and potential mortality during transport to Dalhousie University (NS). 

7)      The Captain will not be able to retain any scallops on these trips and will act under a DFO science (Section 52) permit. A sampling technician will also be accompanying the Captain and crew on each trip. 

8)      Meet the standard Transport Canada and fishing safety requirements.


If you are interested in the project please contact your local PEIFA SFA 22 Advisory Committee representative (Shelton Barlow, Steven Smallman, Terry Arsenault, Terry Costain) or Laura Ramsay / 902-566-4050 with the PEIFA to learn more.   


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