PEI Tuna update - November 6th, 2018:   

Following the DFO Tuna conference call today (November 6th), there was agreement that no more PEI tuna tags (Canadian and Mexican) will be issued in 2018.   DFO will provide regular updates on PEI tuna landings, but no more conference calls with the Tuna Advisory Committee are anticipated this year.  PEI has landed approx. 79% of their quota (see previous post for more details).  There remains 99 Canadian tags and 20 Mexican tags to be landed by the PEI tuna fleet to date.  For more information, please contact DFO Resource Manager, Ben Moore at 902-370-7094.


Previous post: Nov. 5th:  PEI Tuna update - Nov 5th: Below are the PEI Tuna landings for the Canadian and Mexican Quotas as of November 05th, 2018:

1 - For the Canadian Quota, there have been 498 fish landed so far, with an average round weight of 228kgs. This represents 79% of the Canadian Quota being caught.

2 - For the Mexican Quota, there have been 71 fish landed so far, with an average round weight of 234kgs. This represents 79% of the Mexican Quota being caught.


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