PEI Tuna update - November 1st, 2018:   

Following the DFO Tuna conference call today (November 1st), it is not anticipated that any more tuna tags will be released as it is felt that there are sufficient tags released previously to attain the goal of at least 90% of the quota caught.  A minimum of 90% is needed to automatically roll over remaining quota to the 2019 PEI quota.   Currently, PEI has landed 73.4% of their allocated quota.  There will be another DFO conference call with the Tuna Advisory Committee on Tuesday, November 6thto re-evaluate the landings and ensure the landings goal will be reached.  Landings information was posted to the website/facebook yesterday (see previous post).  At present with the PEI fleet , 135 canadian tags and 29 Mexican tags that were previously issued have yet to be landed.  For more information, please contact DFO Resource Manager, Ben Moore at 902-370-7094.