Notice to PEI Bluefin Tuna License Holders

The Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada (DFO) will be announcing the details of the 2022 commercial PEI Bluefin tuna fishery soon. DFO have confirmed the 2022 registration for the PEI tuna fishery will be administered by the PEIFA at a cost of $250/fisher including HST. This fee will cover the cost of the Mexican quota and contribute to a new rationalization fund to permanently retire/relinquish PEI tuna licenses.  The Mexican draw list is no longer required as all quota moves under the Canadian rotational draw list with the overall goal of reaching at least 2 tags per license holder given sufficient quota remains (i.e., the Mexican and PEI quota).  On a year where there is no Mexican quota transfer, rationalization takes priority.  For 2022, a deadline for registration of July 14th is implemented for payment and registration.  Fishers will need to pay the registration fee by the deadline in order to participate in the fishery for 2022.  No late registrations are accepted by DFO, similar to the PEI halibut fishery registration thus will not receive a tuna tag from DFO. The tags remaining from those fishers choosing not to registered will be redistributed to the next tuna fisher(s) on the Canadian draw list.   

Commercial Tuna Fishers are required to register for the 2022 PEI Commercial tuna fishery with the PEIFA during the online registration period in order to participate in the 2022 PEI tuna fishery.


Registration Dates:           Friday, June 17th until Friday, July 14th, 2022

Fee:                                            $250.00 including HST.

Payment Method:                Online payment with credit card (Visa, Mastercard or AMEX).  Contact the PEIFA Office if you require another method for payment. 

How to Register:  Fishers can register online or by phone. Online link is and click the tab ‘Registration & renewal link then  ‘Bluefin Tuna Registration’ to enter registration info and the secure link for payment will follow.  To register by phone call 902-566-4050.

Required Information: Fisher’s name (and company name if applicable), phone #, FIN #, homeport, vessel name, VRN#, tuna license #.  

Registrations after Friday, July 14th, 2022 will NOT be accepted 

There will be NO REFUNDS on Registration Fees

The list of registered fishers will be submitted to DFO. DFO will only distribute tags to tuna fishers who have officially registered during the timeframe.

For further information on the registration contact the PEIFA at 902-566-4050. 

A copy of the 2022 PEI Bluefin Tuna Conservation Harvesting Plan and the 2022 DFO Notice to Fish Harvesters will be posted on the website at as soon as they become available.  For information on the management plan, contact Ben Moore, DFO Chief Resource Manager at .