Click the following link to view the Notice to Fish Harvesters and the Conservation Harvesting Plan announcing the second opening of the Atlantic halibut fishery for the PEI fleet planned for September 23 to 25, 2014: 

userfiles/2014 GROUNDFISH Atlantic Halibut PEI Notice to Fish Harvester 2nd opening.pdf

Please note this reopening is only open to those fishers with less than 98 kg of halibut previously caught in the first fishery.  See Notice for more details.  New limitations also exist in terms of number of hooks for some fishers, and in by-catch of cod limits as well as other limitationss.  PLEASE READ NEW LICENSE CONDITIONS CAREFULLY.

A conference call will be held on Monday, September 22nd, 2014 at 8am with the Groundfish Advisory and DFO to discuss weather conditions only.  New License conditions to those fishing in the second opening will be available throuhg the DFO National online licensing system after this call.  

The new Conservation Harvesting Plan (CHP) including details on the second opening click here:  userfiles/2014 GROUNDFISH Atlantic Halibut CHP PEI Fleet - 2nd opening.pdf

Questions on this plan, please contact DFO's Chris Mill's at 566-7807.