Please click on the link for the full DFO Notice of NARW closure grids: - 034 Notice to Fish Harvesters closure.pdf 

North Atlantic Right Whale - Notice of grid closure(s) HE48, HE49, HE50, HF48, HF49, HF50, HG48, HG49, HG50

July 16, 2021 Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is providing notice of grid status updates related to North Atlantic Right Whale (NARW). The information presented herein is consistent with the 2021 NARW management measures previously announced by DFO.

All times listed in this document are in Atlantic Daylight Time (ADT).
New updates are in effect in the following waters (refer to the corresponding annex for details):

- New grid closure(s) in the Gulf of St Lawrence - Annex 1
All NARW related grid closures currently in effect in Canadian waters are provided in the

following corresponding annexes:

  • -  Annex 1 for the Gulf of St Lawrence.

  • -  Annex 2 for the Bay of Fundy

  • -  Annex 3 for the Roseway Basin Critical Habitat

  • -  Annex 4 for all waters outside of the dynamic or critical habitat areas

    DFO asks licence holders to be vigilant during fishing activities concerning the presence of North Atlantic Right Whales. Furthermore, please be reminded that it is the responsibility of the licence holder to take into account the marine safety notices issued, amongst others, by Environment and Climate Change Canada and Transport Canada, as well as the standards and best practices in marine safety, and to take all measures to ensure safe fishing operations.

    Any reference to the term “Notice” in this document means this “Notice to Fish Harvesters”. The Notice to Fish Harvesters, including its annexes, is provided for information purposes only. In case of discrepancy between the information in the Notice to Fish Harvester and a Variation Order, the latter will prevail.

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