Prince Edward Island Fishermen's Assoc.


At a minimum, gear marking will be required at the top, middle and bottom of the vertical line or every 27.4m throughout the length of the rope (aligned with existing practice in GLF and QC). Each strand marking must be a minimum of 15cm in length. 

Up to 3 colours will be used depending on fishery and LFA:
Colour 1 represents the Gulf region = BLUE
Colour 2 represents the species: Snow crab = ORANGE, Lobster = YELLOW
Colour 3 represents the Fishing area: LFA 24 = GREEN, LFA 25 = NONE, LFA 26A = WHITE

Colours 1 and 2 will be wove into the rope at the same location, while colour 3 (representing your fishing area) will be added to a subsequent segment of rope immediately after the segment of rope with the first two colours, and will not be interlaced with the first and second colour.

LFA 26A: Blue and yellow interlaced, followed by white twine
LFA 24: Blue and yellow interlaced, followed by green twine
LFA 25: Blue and yellow interlaced (no third coloured required)

All twine will be 15cm in length!