Based on current Atlantic mackerel landings DFO has decided to close the commercial Atlantic mackerel fishery in all areas at noon on Tuesday, October 9th, 2018.

DFO will allow Harvesters that do not have access to handline for bait to ask for new licence conditions to allow the use of handline (instead of gillnets) for this year only. 

- This amended licence will be valid through November 30, 2018

- The licence will allow harvesters to land up to 1,000 pounds per day

- The gear is limited to 3 rods/lines with a maximum of 6 hooks

- Regular bait catch reporting through logbooks will apply

If you wish to make this change and obtain revised mackerel bait conditions through the National Online LIcense System by early next week.

 You can find the Notice to Fisher Harvesters by clicking here.

The New Variation Order can be found by clicking here. 

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