Notice to PEI Herring Fish Harvesters - HFA 16G






More information on participant qualifications can be found at or by contacting Laura @ the PEIFA Office 902-393-2281



The following are a list of details/qualifications for the new participant in the Herring project:



1)    Captain/vessel for hire – Sample herring using a variable mesh panel testnet in   

Fishermen’s Bank.

·       Captain must be reliable, experienced and actively participating in the 2020 herring fishery in HFA 16G in Fishermen’s Bank. 

·       Captain will be expected to fish a variable mesh test net (provided to them by DFO) up to 5 times throughout the season and no more than once a week unless instructed otherwise.  The net contains 5 different panels with a different mesh size for each panel.  Fisher must also separate the catch from these 5 panels into different fish pans onboard their boat and clearly indicate which mesh size corresponds to each fish pan.

·       Fisher must communicate with a hired technician, who will meet the Captain on shore for further data collection of the fish. 

·       Captain must fill out a logbook when he fishes the experimental net with details of the catch by mesh size. 

·       Captain will be issued a section 52 permit to accompany the net and project. 

·       Payment is $600.00 per testnet sample with a further top up from the HFA 16G Overage funds.

·       A T4A will be issued to the Captain upon completion of the samples.