DFO has confirmed, following the conference call yesterday with the Tuna Advisory, an additional 3 tags will be issued from the Mexican draw list to compensate for the three fishers who declined their tag.  This will be for Mexican draw number 224, 225 and 226 inclusive.  The PEIFA Office will be contacting those three directly to arrange payment and pick up of tags.  The cost of each Mexican Tuna Tag is $915.

For the Canadian Quota an additional 25 tags will be issued.  The tags issued will be from Canadian draw numbers 114 – 140 inclusive.  These tags will not be available for pick up until Thursday at 9:00 am at the DFO Office in Charlottetown. To contact DFO Charlottetown please call (902)566-7844.

As of October 9th, 2018 257 tuna have been landed for the Canadian Quota by the PEI fleet with an average weight of 229kg per fish.  This represents approximately 41% of the available quota being caught.

19 tuna have been landed for the Mexican Quota by the PEI fleet with an average weight of 232kg per fish. This represents 21% of the Mexican Quota being caught.

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