Gulf Region

Notice to Fish Harvesters

EKME: 4239396


Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (PE) June 25, 2021 Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), Gulf Region, is announcing the management measures for the Scallop SFA 23 in 2021. The fishery opens at 06:00 hrs. on July 5 and closes at 18:00 hrs. on August 21, 2021. There will be daily closures from 18:00 hrs. to 06:00 hrs. the following day and closed the entire day on Sundays.

NEW in 2021: Crew Registry

The inshore regulations require inshore commercial licence holders, and their approved Substitute Operators, to keep records of all the crew members working aboard the vessel on every fishing trip. These records must be maintained by the licence holder for a period of five (5) years. More information can be found at peches/commercial-commerciale/atl-arc/inshore-regulations-reglement-peche-cotiere- eng.html#toc03

Management measures in place for the 2021 fishing season:

Gear Marking

Gear marking is in place in this fishery. Details of these requirements can be found in your licence condition and at the following address: peches/commercial-commerciale/atl-arc/inshore-regulations-reglement-peche-cotiere- eng.html#toc03

Management measures to minimize interactions with North Atlantic right whales:

The management measures to protect the right whales are available at the following Internet address: bnan/management-gestion-eng.html

Marine mammal interaction reporting

In order to comply with the implementation of the US Marine Mammals Protection Act (MMPA) regulations, licence holders must now provide information regarding all interactions with a marine mammal including: bycatch, collisions and all sightings of entangled marine mammals that occur during fishing expeditions. 

A Marine Mammal Interaction Form (included with licence conditions) must be completed and submitted by email to DFO.NAT.InteractionsMM-InteractionsMM.NAT.MPO@dfo-mpo.gc.cawithin 48 hours after the end of a fishing trip.

The information provided on the form will be used by DFO to estimate the levels of accidental mortality and injury to marine mammals. This information will allow DFO to better assess thetypes of threats that may affect Canada’s marine mammals and to develop mitigation strategies.

Fishing Season: Open at 0600 hrs. on July 5 and close at 1800 on August 21. Daily closures from 1800 hrs. to 0600 hrs. the following day and closed all Sundays.

Washers: A maximum of two (2) steel washers may be used to join each side of the rings together, giving a maximum of 8 steel washers per ring. In addition, one rubber washer may be used vertically to join two (2) bucket rings together. The maximum outside diameter of rubber washers must not exceed 50.8mm. Furthermore, chaffing gear on the underside of the drag will be allowed when the rings are joined only with steel washers.

Meat Count: 33 per 500 gm of meat.

Logbook Requirements: Fishers are required to maintain a record of their estimated catches in a logbook prior to entering port. Fishers are required to forward their logbooks to DFO no later than two (2) weeks following the closure of the fishing season.

Ring Size: The authorized ring size in the bucket construction is set at 82.6 mm with the exception of the first row of rings attached to the bucket frame, where the inside diameter of all rings shall not be less than 76.2 mm.

Drag Size: Maximum width of 6.09 m outside measurements.
Tow Bar: The tow bar must be raised at least 50.8 mm with the use of runners or

wheels that are located at both extremities of the bar and being at least 50.8 mm wide.

Offloading Requirements: Licence holders are not authorized to land (off-load) any other part of the scallop except for the adductor muscle (no roe or other internal organs of the scallop may be retained).


Ben Moore
A/Chief Resource Management
Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans Charlottetown, PEI (902)

Kim Lowe
Resource Management Officer
Department of Fisheries and Oceans Charlottetown, PEI