Notice to PEI LFA 25 Fish Harvesters – 2020 PEI Modified Grapnel Trialling Project


The PEIFA is seeking 1 or 2 participants for a modified grapnel trial: 

Seeking Captains/Vessels for hire to operate heavy grapnel equipment for the purpose of locating lost fishing gear at the LFA 25/26A lobster line. Goal of the project is to trial modified grapnel equipment for the purpose of retrieving lost, abandoned and discarded fishing gear in PEI coastal environments. A draw of qualified applicants will be made if more Captains apply than required for the project. 

The following are a list of details/qualifications for the participants in the grapnel project.

·       Fisher must be reliable

·       Fisher must be experienced in towing gear

·       Fisher must be available to trial equipment during 4 best weather days between November 30th to December 14th, 2020 and possibly later

·       Vessel must have a boom for lifting the grapnel

·       Vessel needs to meet all standard Transport Canada requirements

·       The Captain agrees that he shall maintain third party liability insurance on his vessel (in the amount of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence on his vessel)

·       The vessel is attached to the scientific license and must remain for the duration of the trial

·       The Captain will be required to sign a contract with the PEIFA

·       Captains will need to provide at least 2 crew members

·       Rate of pay is $139/hour for Captains

·       Captain must work closely with project staff to provide feedback and troubleshooting throughout the trial

·       A T4A will be issued to the Captain upon completion of the project (SIN number required)

·       Equipment includes an 8’X4’ grapnel on wheels with 5 larger hooks and 3 chains attached at the extremity of the 3 central hooks. Photos can be provided upon request.


More information on participant qualifications can be found at or by contacting Jennifer Dewland at the PEIFA Office at 902-566-4060 Ext: #6.


The deadline for inquires is November 25th, 2020 at 4:30PM.