2020 PEI HALIBUT REALLOCATION FISHERY UPDATE – Tuesday, Sept 15th - As we await the final decision from DFO on the PEI halibut reallocation fishery in regards to the dates, DFO has confirmed 138 eligible commercial fishers (active in the main fishery) will be allowed to participate in the reallocation fishery.  I refer you to the unofficial draw list on our website (under Notices) which includes all fishers (eligible and ineligible).  DFO is confirming eligibility today with the PEIFA.  The PEIFA are attempting to contact all eligible fishers to determine if fishers plan to participate or fishers can also contact us to let us know if they are planning to participate or not.  If fishers are not planning to participate, we will move to the next on the draw list to allow others wanting to pursue the fishery a chance at the reallocation.  The PEIFA are currently contacting eligible fishers only within the  #1 to #179 on the unofficial draw list.  As fishers decline the opportunity, we aim to proceed to the next on the list.


There were some questions on the individual catch limits for the reallocation, and those were confirmed by DFO early in the season and are the same as the main fishery at 261kg round weight (or 575 pounds round).  In terms of the dates of the reallocation, we anticipate a start date as early as Monday, September 21st  and the PEIFA has recommended a 7-day reallocation fishery, but that decision is to be confirmed by DFO most likely Thursday of this week through a Notice to Fishers.


And as a reminder,  new license conditions will be issued to each fisher who’s eligible and confirmed they will be participating in the reallocation fishery. Please ensure the vessel you plan to use for the fishery is attached to your groundfish license.