Prince Edward Island Fishermen's Assoc.

For 2019, each PEI Tuna license holder is eligible for at least one tag and DFO has also confirmed the following additional tags (in Canadian Reallocation and Mexican lists) to be issued for the 2019 PEI Bluefin tuna season:


  1. For Canadian Reallocation – DFO will issue 304 reallocation tags:  Canadian Draw numbers 194 – 159 inclusive (meaning #194-344 ending the list and beginning again at #1-159)Reminder, that as soon as fishers catch their first tuna, they can pick up their second tag (if eligible under the list).  Canadian Reallocation tags are available at the DFO Office in Charlottetown from Monday to Friday (8am to 4pm) excluding Federal holidays.  Check out this link on our website to view the Canadian (Reallocation) draw list: Reallocation Tuna Draw List - for website - no updates since July 2018.pdf


  1. For Mexican – PEIFA will have 74 tags:  Mexican Draw numbers 238 – 312 inclusive.  Reminder, Mexican tags are NOT available as of yet, awaiting DFO agreement to be finalized with all fleets.   When Mexican tags are available, PEIFA will notify fishers and pick up/payment will be available at the PEIFA office.  Check out the link on our website to view the Mexican draw list: Mexican Tuna Draw List - for website - no updates since July 2018.pdf


Any questions, please feel free to contact Ben Moore, DFO Charlottetown at (902) 370-7094.

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