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Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Notice to Fisher Harvesters - 

July 10, 2019 EKME # 4074030 2019

Prince Edward Island Bluefin Tuna Season

Charlottetown, PE. - Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) today announces that fishing will be authorized for the 2019 Prince Edward Island (PEI) Bluefin Tuna season.

SEASON DATES: In 2019, fishery will open on July 15th and end on December 31st or until the quota nears 0 mt.


 Each licence holder will be issued one tag at the beginning of the season.

 Licence holders eligible for a reallocation tag must use one tag by September 30, 2019. A reallocation tag can be picked up at any time prior to September 30, 2019 once the first fish has been landed.

 Licence holders in a partnership must land two tuna by September 30, 2019. A reallocation tag can be picked up at any time prior to September 30, 2019 once the first fish has been landed.

 Licence holders who do not have a tuna landed by September 30, 2019, will not be issued new conditions unless they hold a Mexican tag distributed by the PEIFA

 Partnerships will be valid for the whole season, unless DFO is notified otherwise.

 The Prince Edward Island Bluefin Tuna fleet will have access to a portion of quota transferred from Mexico to Canada.

 For licence holders to hail out, they must call the Vessel Hail-Out System at 1-800- 561-2467, prior to departure for any fishing trip. Licences holders must select an At Sea Observer Company in the IVR system, even though an observer will not be deployed.

 Licence holders should note that having a Bluefin Tuna tag in your possession allows access to fish but does not guarantee your quota.

 Licence holders that are request a temporary dart tag, must record the dart tag number in Annex II, prior to fishing. Dart tags are non-transferrable.

 Licence Holders will have to print Licence Conditions for 4RST and 4WD separately.


Requirement to report interactions with Marine Mammals The Marine Mammal Interaction Form will remain included with the licence conditions and must be completed and submitted by email to: unless it is filled out online at: http://www.dfo- - 2 - form must be submitted within 48 hours of the end of a fishing trip. All other management measures are similar to 2018, including the use of Electronic Monitoring Systems (cameras) in both the commercial and hook and release fisheries.

TAG AVAILABILITY: Bluefin Tuna tags and temporary dart tags will be available at the DFO PEI Area office from 8:00am to 4:00pm, on Monday through Friday. There will be a maximum of one dart to every Bluefin Tuna tag, depending on availability. Temporary dart tags will be free of charge, compliments of, The Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association.

For more information, please contact: Ben Moore A/Chief Resource Management Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans Charlottetown, PEI (902)370-7094

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