Thanks to all who’ve shown interest in the Call for Captains (Grapplers) in the 2023 post-season LFA 25 Gear Retrieval program.  There was a total of 56 Captains registered for the 14 Captains/Grapplers spots.  Reminder, another registration opens Wednesday, September 13th for the volunteer captains (who will receive a small per diem to assist with fuel/crew) wishing to participate in gear retrievals from their homeports in the post season retrieval as well.  Note, Captains cannot participate as both a Captain (Grappler) and a volunteer as the dates will overlap.   


A draw of registered LFA 25 fishers was completed today (Tuesday, September 12th)  at the PEIFA office and special thanks to Sheri Chislett with MRSB Accounting for her assistance with drawing all the ballots in the draw.    Any fishers wanting to know where they placed on the draw list, just contact the PEIFA and we’ll relay that info to you.    


Here is the unofficial list of the top 14 Captains that will be submitted to the DFO to participate in the 2023 Gear Retrieval program as Captains/Grapplers .  Each Captain was contacted in order they were drawn to confirm their participation for the designated areas (2 Captains beginning at the LFA 23/24/25 line, 9 Captains at the middle section of LFA 25 (Miminigash to Cape Egmont) and 3 Captains at the LFA 25/26A line). The number of Captains per area was pre-determined before the draw in consultation with local reps. Please note that Captains names and information will be sent to DFO for final approval of participation.  


Click on the link to view the list: 2023-09-12 at 4.37.16 PM.png


Reminder: all Captains participating must travel to within one-hour sail time of their designated area of coverage.