Update:  2021 PEI Halibut Reallocation - October 6th  

DFO has advised that the PEI halibut reallocation fishery is anticipated to open on Monday, October 11th, 2021.  The fishery will close when the quota nears 100% or on Friday, October 15th whichever comes first.  Approx. 174 eligible fishers are approved to participate.  The individual catch limits will be the same as the main fishery at 307kg round weight.  The draw was completed on Monday and DFO determined eligibility of those on the draw list.  PEIFA has made efforts today to contact the eligible fishers on the list to determine their interest in the reallocation.  If eligible fishers declined, we moved to the next on the list.  At this point between the number of ineligible and those not interested, we are at #275 on the draw list.  The unofficial draw list results (which includes all registered so both eligible and ineligible fishers) is posted below by clicking the link.  Thank you to all those who have contacted the PEIFA to assist us with this process.   

Click the following link to view the unofficial draw results for the 2021 PEI halibut reallocation - please note results are subject to DFO verification and approval of eligibility (effort in the main fishery):  http://peifa.org/members/docs/2021 Halibut Draw list for website - Unofficial - pending DFO eligibility approval .pdf