The second pop up satelite tag (TAG B) stopped submitting a signal on Tuesday, October 13th.  We will continue to monitor the satelite program, but it is unlikely the signal will kick start again.  Compressed data was collected via the satelites.  


The second pop up satelite tag (Tag B) has begun submitting a signal!  Here are the latest coordinates:  47.25.48N 61'14.25W which is East of the Magdalen Islands.   We have sent the info to fish harvesters in that area.  And there is a $500 reward for the safe return of the Tag!  

The frequency is 401.650 MHz ± 30 kHz.

We need to retrieve the tag in order to tap into all the information that it is storing on the location of the halibut which was tagged in November 2013 off approx Morell, PEI.  

Please contact Travis James  902-629-4821

or Laura Ramsay 902-393-2281 

for more updated information on coordinates.