Based on current available weather conditions the decision has been made to open the September Halibut Season tomorrow, September 9, 2015 at 6AM.

It will be open tomorrow (Sept. 9th) and Thursday (Sept. 10th) and then Monday (Sept. 14th) and Tuesday (Sept. 15th).

The following is a note from Conservation and Protection in regards to the opening:

Atlantic halibut fishers must ensure that while verifying catch weights during landings, their total weight is accurate. As the 2015 Atlantic halibut P.E.I. fleet license condition seasonal catch limit is stated in round weight, a conversion factor of 1.14 is used to convert dressed weight (the total amount of head on gutted weight of Atlantic halibut) to round weight Atlantic halibut. The onus is on the license holder or designate to ensure that the seasonal catch limit of 145 kg round weight of Atlantic halibut is not exceeded.