Notice to PEI LFA 25 Fish Harvesters – 2021 PEI Wide-Scale Ghost Gear Retrieval




The PEIFA is seeking up to 5 Captains for this new project:


Seeking Captains/Vessels for hire to operate grapnel equipment for the purpose of locating lost fishing gear in the Lobster Fishing Area 25.


More information on participant qualifications can be found at or by contacting Jennifer Dewland at 902-566-4060 Ext: #3 or Laura Ramsay at (902) 393-2281


The following are a list of details/qualifications for the participants in the grapnel project (details are listed on the PEIFA website)

·       The goal of the project is to continue to trial modified grapnel equipment for the purpose of retrieving lost, abandoned, and discarded fishing gear in LFA 25

·       Two initial locations have been identified:  1) between West Point and Egmont Bay and 2) LFA 24/25 line.  Tentative back up locations between Cape Egmont and Summerside. Fishers are asked to select which areas they would be willing to participate in. 

·       Fisher must be available for gear retrieval exercises for the 3 best weather days between October 11th – 16th, 2021

·       Some vessels an A frame for one type of grapnel.  A boom is preferred on each vessel.  Gear retrieval equipment will be provided.

·       Vessel needs to meet all standard Transport Canada requirements

·       The Captain requires third party liability insurance on his vessel (in the amount of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence on his vessel)

·       The vessel is attached to the license and must remain the same for the duration of the project – the fisher cannot be active in any fisheries during the retrieval dates

·       The Captain will be required to sign a contract with the PEIFA (agreeing to the protocol, rate of pay and insurance

·       Captains will need to provide a crew of at least 1 crew member

·       Captain must be willing to work closely with project staff including providing valuable feedback and troubleshooting throughout the project

·       A draw of qualified applicants will be made if more than 5 persons apply

·       Rate of pay is $200/hour which includes all costs related to the chartering of the vessel including but not limited to fuel and crew. 

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