• Votes were reviewed as they came in virtually until midnight on December 22nd, 2021.

• 192 returned questionnaires out of a total of 375 lobster fishers. This equates to an 51.2% return rate.

The following were the results:

HE VOTE QUESTION: Which opening (setting) date would you prefer in LFA 26A?

124 (64.58%) votes in favour of: April 26th (4 day earlier opening) resulting in a 4-day earlier closure assuming setting day is on April 26th and weather does not push it later.

67 (34.89%) votes in favour of: April 30th with 72-hour flexibility tool utilized only if winds (not ice) are forecasted and warrant opening the season up to 72 hours in advance of the 30th.

1 (.52%) spoiled ballots

 The PEIFA LFA 26A Lobster Advisory Committee with support from the PEIFA Board of directors will be submitting a request for an April 26th opening for the LFA 26A lobster fishing area to the DFO for consideration.   

 Many thanks to the membership for their input into this important request.