Notice to Atlantic Halibut Fish Harvesters
Fixed Gear less than 13.1716 (45 feet), PEI Fleet

The Department of Fisheries & Oceans Canada (DFO) is announcing the details of the 2014 commercial PEI Atlantic Halibut fishery.

This new halibut management plan will be based on individual catch limits for each PEI groundfish harvester who registers for the fishery. The season is anticipated to open at 6 AM August 31st and close 8PM September 7th, 2014. Limits include nightly closures from 8PM to 6AM, hook limit of 300, hook size is 15.4mm. Fishers are required to register for the 2014 PEI Commercial Halibut fishery with the PEI Fishermen’s Association during the two-day registration period.


Registration Dates/Times:Noon-7PM on August 21st and August 22st, 2014
Location: Farm Centre, 420 University Avenue, Charlottetown
Fee: $250.00 including HST. The fee covers fleet observer coverage and a contribution to a groundfish rationalization program
Payment Method: Cash, Cheque, Credit or Debit Card
How to Register: Fishers can register in person, or send a representative with written permission authorizing registration on the fishers’ behalf. Arrangements can also be made with the buyers/coops with proper authorization
Required Information: Fishers name, phone #, FIN #, vessel name and fishers will be required to sign a vessel safety form for Biorex observer coverage.

Registrations after 7PM, August 22nd, 2014 will NOT be accepted

There will be NO REFUNDS on Registration Fees

The list of registered fishers will be submitted to DFO and the fishery will open via variation order for those fishers. The number of registered fishers is important to determine the individual catch limit per fisher for the 2014 PEI Commercial halibut fishery only. If over 400 fishers register, an emergency meeting of those registered will be called to vote on further controls for the fishery.

For further information on the registration please contact the PEIFA at 566-4050. Also visit for a copy of the 2014 Halibut Conservation Harvesting Plan. For more information on details of the management plan, please contact Chris Mills, DFO Chief Resource Manager at 566-7807.