Congratulations to fisher, Anna Coffin who was recently recognized in the PEI Legislature.Mrs. Coffin has a long career in the fishery dating back to the mid-1970s when she first began fishing with her late husband Buddy. Still fishing today, Mrs. Coffin is described as a courageous woman who will stand up for others. This was evident when she and another lady by the name of Marion MacDonald took on the federal government about an outdated employment insurance policy back in the late 1970s. The policy wouldn't allow spouses who fished with their husbands to draw employment insurance. They ultimately won and it is due to her and Marion’s hard work and dedication that fishers in Atlantic Canada now have the right to draw employment insurance when fishing the same license as their spouse.

Mrs. Coffin continues to fish lobster, tuna and halibut with her son Roy and also builds and repairs traps in the off season.

She recently celebrated her 80th birthday surrounded by her large family and continues to be a fixture at the wharf in Savage Harbour.