October 6th, 2009
5 of the 6 Collector sites across PEI have been picked up.  Skinner's Pond site remains in the water for probably another week when the Lobster fishery will be through.  Many thanks to all the helpful hands throughout the data collection process.  Preliminary results will be available shortly and we hope to present the results to each local fishermen's association this fall/winter.  Here are some pictures for now, more to come.
Above:  Stage 5 Lobster (hatched this year)
Left: Approx 3 year old lobster  ...  Right:  Lobster Collector
September 17th, 2009
It’s time to pick up the lobster collectors!!!
We will be heading out on the water for the next two weeks to haul in the collectors from our six sites across PEI (Alberton, Covehead, Fortune, Murray Harbour, Nine Mile, Skinners Pond).   30 collectors per site will be hauled and examined in search of post larval lobster that we hope have settled.   Local fishermen and helpers, as well as Robert Macmillan and his provincial technicians, DFO science branch technicians and I will all be assisting in retrieval.
We’ll also be retrieving the electronic temperature gage (attached to one collector at each site) that has been recording temperatures on an hourly basis since early June.  All temperature info as well as the young of year numbers will be available for local associations this fall.    
As in the 2008 pilot project (sites in Bedeque and Covehead), the AVC Lobster Science Center would like the opportunity again this year, to examine these young of the year lobsters for a better understanding of the early life stage of the lobster as well as continued study into health indices at this stage. 
If you have any questions or comments regarding this project please don’t hesitate to call me at 566-4050 or cell 393-2281. 
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