The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has an on-going requirement to establish an “as and when requested” Offer to hire a passenger vessel to serve as a platform for Fishery Officers to monitor compliance in various fisheries in the waters surrounding Prince Edward Island.

 DFO has a requirement to hire a fishing vessel between 40 to 44 feet in overall length, with the service of a captain and a one crew member. The crew member is to assist in boarding’s and gear inspections as requested by a Fishery Officer. 

Gear Inspections & Patrols (with Fishery Officer on board)

- Hauling of lobster traps, crab traps, gill nets (herring/groundfish), shellfish harvesting gear, long lines and other types of fishing gear & apparatuses.

- Conduct coastal patrols in lobster, rock crab, herring, recreational mackerel, striped bass, tuna, groundfish fisheries, and others as required


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