Passcode’s for DFO’s National Online Licensing System Expire October 31st, 2013:

The DFO has advised the PEIFA that DFO’s Online licensing passcodes expire on October 31st. These passcodes are used to set up individual fisher accounts with DFO in order to access and print their license conditions. If fishers do not set up their online accounts before the deadline they will be required to call DFO’s hotline at 1-877-535-7307 to receive another passcode. The PEIFA will continue to provide assistance to fishers in setting up their account with DFO’s National Online Licensing System. Fishers wanting PEIFA assistance will need to bring their passcode which was mailed to them on a green DFO-issued sheet of paper. It is also recommended that fishers have their email address with them when visiting our office. If you have any questions, please contact Stephen LaPierre or Lois Gallant at 370-3013.