PEI Fishermen’s Association Partakes in 2013 Gold Cup Parade

The PEIFA took part in the Gold Cup Parade for this first time this past Friday (August 16). It was a great day for the parade with lots of laughs and fun! There were 100 entries in this year’s parade with approximately 50,000 viewers both live in Charlottetown or on Eastlink television.

Thanks to:

Freda Peters, Stephanie Peters, Bonnie McCabe, Norman Peters, and Connor MacPhee for being on the float
Freda Peters and Laura Ramsay for the use of their fishing decorations
Alex and Audrey MacPhee for the use of their truck
Lowther Refrigeration Ltd. for the use of their trailer
JMK Fish Mart for the use of their lobster mascot costume
2013 Gold Cup Parade Committee for their work planning this year’s parade