PEI Harvesters in lobster fishing area (LFA) 25 have long questioned the annual movement of lobsters into their area from the Shediac Valley and elsewhere to traditional fishing grounds. The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has completed research on movement, but the data has not been updated for approximately 20 years. Recently, PEI harvesters in LFA 25 have noticed a change in the distribution of the lobster within the LFA and question if the movement pattern has shifted.


The PEIFA is seeking up to 3 Captains for this project: 

The PEI Fishermen’s Association is seeking up to 3 Captains, vessels, and crew to participate in the LFA 25 Lobster Movement Study. Hired Captains will set a maximum of 75 traps along transects that run parallel with the LFA 25 lines, within LFA 25 in mid-May. This is considered a good representation of travel into LFA 25 from the Shediac Valley. Lobsters will be satellite tagged and returned to the water where they were caught.

The following are a list of details/requirements for the participants in the Lobster Movement Study (details are listed on the PEIFA website):

  • Number of lobsters to be caught and sampled: 39 with a minimum carapace length of 119 mm

  • Payment: $1000/day with a maximum of 3 days per Captain

  • Locations of the study are outlined in the map below

  • Each vessel will have scientists/technicians on board for sampling, tag attachment and


  • Captain must be reliable & experienced in handling lobster traps

  • Vessel is required to meet all standard Transport Canada requirements

  • The Captain requires third-party liability insurance on his vessel (in the amount of

    $2,000,000.00 per occurrence on his vessel)

  • The Captain will be required to sign a contract with the PEIFA (agreeing on protocol, rate

    of pay and insurance)

  • Captains must be willing to work closely with project staff

  • A draw of qualified applicants will be made if more than 3 persons apply

A registration and draw will be administered by the PEIFA to determine the participants for the project (3 maximum). Only PEIFA members who fish in LFA 25 are eligible for the draw.

Registration Dates: 8:30AM March 29th, 2023, until 2:00PM, April 3rd, 2023 

Fee: No fee for registration
How to Register: Fishers can register online at by clicking the ‘Registrations & renewals’ tab and then the ‘Lobster Movement Study Registration 2023” link or contact the PEIFA office to register by phone or in person.

Required Information: Fisher’s name, phone #, FIN #, homeport, vessel name, VRN#.

The Draw will be held immediately after the completion of the Registration at 2:00 PM,Monday, April 3rd, 2023.

Interested individuals who require additional information can can find details about the contact Melanie Giffin: 902-330-4466 or