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ACOUSTIC SOUNDINGS & VARIABLE MESH NET HERRING PROJECT - PEIFA/DFO are seeking 2 participants for the annual project:

 1)   Captain/Vessel for hire – provide acoustic soundings (using equipment provided) of designated grid in both North Lake and Fishermen’sBank (HFA16G)

 2)   Captain/vessel for hire – provide samples of herring usinga variable mesh/panel testnet in Fishermen’sBank.

More information on participant qualifications can be found at www.peifa.orgor by contacting Laura/Melanie@ the PEIFA Office at 902- 566-4050.


The following are a list of details/qualifications for the new participants in the Herring project:

1)     Captain/Vesselfor hire – Acoustic Sounding of designatedgrid in both North Lake and Fishermen’s Bank (HFA16G)

·      Fishermustbereliable,experiencedintheherringfisheryinHFA16G

·      Fisher must be availableto survey the area before and after thefishing season (acoustic)aswellasupto3samplesthroughouttheseasonbutontheweekendswhen the fisheryisclosed..

·      Thelocationforthescientificequipmentmustbecleananddryatalltimes.

·      Fisher must install a DFOtransducer in the hull oftheir fishing boat prior to installationof the logging system (start of the season)and run the cable to thelocation where thescientific equipment will behoused.

·      Thefishingboatsounderusedbythecaptainmustbeofadifferentfrequencythan120 KHz.

·      Fishing boat must be in good condition;with good 12 Voltelectrical system and batteries, and must allow hookup of scientific equipment on his electrical system, as wellasahookuptohisGPSnavigationsystem.

·      Fishing vessel must not have oruse a generator on board during fishing activities if it interferes with the scientificequipment.

·      Fisher must fill outalogbook.

·      Captain is responsibleperson to download theacoustic data regularly from the computeron board to a memory stick anddownload the datato an ftp site for projectverification.

·      Payment is $1,293.60per survey night (one survey night includes one grid in North Lakeand2gridsinFishermen’sBank).Upto5surveysampleswillberequestedtotalin HFA16G.

·      AT4AwillbeissuedtotheCaptainuponcompletionofthesurveysamples.


2)   Captain/vesselforhire–Sampleherringusingavariablemeshpaneltestnetin Fishermen’sBank.

·      Captain mustbe reliable, experienced and participating in the 2019 herringfishery in HFA 16G in Fishermen’sBank.

·      Captain will beexpected to fish a variablemesh test net (provided to them) upto 5 times throughout the season and no more than oncea week unless instructed otherwise.Thenetcontains5differentpanelswithadifferentmeshsizeforeachpanel.Fisher must also separate thecatch from these 5 panels into different fish pans onboard his boatand clearly indicate which mesh size corresponds toeach fish pan.

·      Fisher must communicate with a hired technician, who will meet the Captainon shore for further data collection of thefish.

·      Captain mustfill out a logbook when he fishes the experimentalnet with details of the catch by meshsize.

·      Captainwillbeissuedasection52permittoaccompanythenetandproject.

·      Paymentis$600.00pertestnetsample,withatotalof5testnetsamplesrequestedper season.

·      A T4A will be issued to the Captain upon completion of the samples.

Deadline to submit your name: Monday, August 19th, 2019


A draw of qualified Captains will take place following the deadline.

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