As part of measures to advance the implementation of the inshore regulations that came into force in April 2021 and support the principles of owner-operator, this summer and fall, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) will be piloting non-targeted administrative reviews of a small number of core independent inshore licence holders in the Atlantic fleet. Non-targeted reviews will supplement targeted administrative reviews and reviews undertaken by DFO officials whenever harvesters apply for licence renewal or licence reissuance. These various reviews are part of DFO’s response to calls from the inshore fleet to ensure the vigorous implementation of the inshore regulations. Details on the inshore regulations can be found on DFO’s website. Based on a process of random selection, during the months of August and September, a small number of licence holders will be notified in writing as having been chosen for non-targeted review. Those selected for non-targeted review will have to complete a questionnaire regarding eligibility to hold an inshore licence under the inshore regulations, and provide documents to DFO as required. Once the non-targeted review has been completed, the selectee will receive written notification of the results. If the review confirms compliance against the inshore regulations, the selectee will be able to renew the licence or licences. If the review concludes that the selectee is not compliant, the selectee will not be able to renew the licence under review. The selectee will then have 12 months from the time of the decision to become compliant with the inshore regulations. Under regulation, licence holders that fail to become compliant within the 12 month period will never be eligible to hold the same type of licence again. Targeted and non-targeted administrative reviews are anticipated to be ongoing features of the inshore regulatory program. We believe that non-targeted administrative reviews will help to ensure the effectiveness of the inshore regulations.