Notice to PEI Groundfish Harvesters

WINTER FLOUNDER - “Fixed Gear < 65 feet” -Tanglenets


DFO has announced the acceptance of a Winter Flounder Tangle Net fishery proposal from the PEIFA Groundfish Advisory Board which  would amend the current limited access into 4T2b for Winter Flounder using tangle nets in a defined area (near North Lake) of this closed zone by a limited number of participants.  This fishery will open on Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 at 6AM.


The PEIFA is now taking names of fixed gear gillnet groundfish license holders who are interested in participating in this fishery to a maximum of 15 fishers.  Otter trawl, handline, and longline hook groundfish licenses are ineligible. If interest exceeds 15 participants, there will be a need to have a selection process (i.e. a draw) administered by the PEIFA.  The deadline to sign up for the draw through the PEIFA is August  15th, 2016.  There is no registration fee, however, fishers will be given a confirmation number at the time of registering.

To sign up for the draw or seek further info please contact the PEI Fishermen’s Association at 370-3013.  Selected Participants will be contacted and given one week to register for at-sea observer coverage (Such as Biorex).  If they are unable to do so in that time, they will be disqualified and the next name on the list will be contacted.  It will be each fisher’s responsibility to set up their own contract with an observer company.