For Immediate release:
April 30, 2014

"Canadian Lobster Brand Launched"

Halifax – New Canadian Lobster Brand aims to position Canadian Lobster globally

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The Canadian Lobster Industry has a new brand to help it compete more effectively in global markets. The new brand, which consists of a set of core values, vision, mission, brand promise and a logo that brings it all together, is designed to help the Canadian Lobster Industry tell their story on the global stage, not just against lobster from other countries but also against other premium proteins.

Jeff Malloy, CEO of the Acadian Fishermen’s Co-operative on Prince Edward Island and President of the Lobster Council of Canada, says the bold new brand comes at an exciting time in the Canadian Lobster Sector. “Canada is the world leader in lobster harvesting, live shipping and processing but due to our size and fragmented structure we have not told a consistent story to the world. The strong new brand is going to help position Canadian lobster (worth approximately $1.7 billion to the Canadian economy) for future growth and long term sustainability for our coastal communities.”

The brand comes at the right time says Geoff Irvine, Executive Director of the Lobster Council of Canada. “So much is happening in the sector now with increased cooperation and collaboration amongst key stakeholders as well as enhanced market opportunities opening up with the both the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with Europe and the Canada – Korea Free Trade Agreement. This new brand is going to help the industry internally to come together and celebrate the values which unite us, and to position lobster more effectively in the increasingly competitive global food industry.”

Extensive research with international customers and the internal industry helped identify the core values and strengths that the product embodies. All in all, 12 core values which range from Canada’s rigorous food safety guidelines to Canada’s cold, pristine natural environment which helps produce the tasty crustacean are emphasized in the new brand. Irvine said, “Our research revealed that globally Canadians are viewed as being genuine and this integrity is also associated with our lobster which is harvested by traditional methods in the wild environment of the North Atlantic by a community that is united by pride and passion for the product.”

The brand definition was well received by key industry stakeholders at the internal launch in late March at the Lobster Summit in Halifax. Further feedback was solicited from Trade Commissioners from key lobster markets and hundreds of key seafood buyers at the Seafood Expo North America in Boston. In early May the brand will be launched in Europe at Seafood Expo Global in Brussels.

Closer to home the logo is making an impact. Chris Harris, a lobster harvester from Cape Breton, noted, “As the first link in the lobster value chain we are excited about the new brand and take the promise (To consistently and sustainably deliver the highest quality and most flavourful live and processed lobster to consumers who value the best) to heart every day we are at sea. I plan to put the logo on the side of my boat as soon as I can. I like the logo and more importantly I think that the brand which stresses the importance of quality is one that everyone in the industry can get behind, as we look towards building a stronger industry and future for the next generation.”

Established in 2009, the Lobster Council of Canada brings together Canadian lobster industry stakeholders, including harvesters, live shippers, processors, First Nations peoples, and provincial and federal governments, to work on projects of mutual benefit. Areas of focus currently include lobster quality and traceability, a national lobster branding and promotion strategy, market access challenges and opportunities and industry communication. With government support and members from across Atlantic Canada and Quebec, the Lobster Council of Canada is recognized as the voice of the Canadian lobster industry.

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Geoff Irvine
Executive Director
902-423-1155 or 902-497-9128