As per the 10AM conference call with Department of Fisheries & Oceans and PEI Lobster Advisory reps in LFA 24 and 26A, DFO has advised the PEIFA on the 2014 spring lobster opening/setting day for LFA 24 ONLY:

LFA 24 will be proceeding on a 24-hour delay with an opening/setting day of 6AM, Thursday, May 1st opening.

Awaiting a final decision on LFA 26A from DFO Moncton.  

DFO will follow up with a variation order in terms of the openings and the PEIFA will post the v.a. confirming these two decisions as soon as it’s received both through email/website and facebook.

Any changes to the forecast would initiate another conference call with DFO for discussion. Any questions on the decision, feel free to call DFO’s Resource Manager, Chris Mills 566-7807.